PAUL DESLAURIERS BAND/Relentless: If the recently departed Bill Ham got a load of this blues rock power trio before he shuffled off this mortal coil, he might well have been tempted to give it one more try. Probably doing a great job of providing a load of natural heat and light for their native Canada, sets like this is where the party begins for rockers that like it hard and hot with no frills or speed bumps to slow things down. The playing is incendiary and there's no limit to how hard this rock rolls. Check it out.
Volume 39/Number 242
July 1, 2016
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CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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Relentless, the follow-up to the self-titled 2014 album from The Paul DesLauriers Band is a riveting electric blues album to say the least. Singer/guitarist extraordinaire Paul DesLauriers takes the helm of this ship manned by a magnificent rhythm section, bassist Greg Morency and drummer Sam Harrison.
In “Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back)”, DesLauriers breaks loose with guitar in hand like a furious and caffeinated bat out of hell, soaring all the way until its mind-blowing climax.  The energy stays high in “I’m Your Man”.  Walking the narrow line between blues and rockabilly, DesLauriers doles out Memphis-style riffs while Morency keeps the rhythm going with a boogie-laced bassline. DesLauriers gets nice and swampy with “Still Under My Skin”, while hopelessly pining over lost love.  The jam on the bridge is absolutely amazing.  DesLauriers unleashes a wondrous wall of guitar sound while Harrison dishes out a stellar and thunderous performance on drums.  I also can’t help but gravitate towards the beautiful eight and a half minute power ballad “If I Still Had You”.  As the tension slowly builds, I crank the volume to fully embrace the lovely intense jam which follows.                
More often than not, as the last song on the album finishes, instead of replacing the disc with another, I’ll just let it ride for another spin.  That must be why this album is so suitably named, Relentless.
Phillip Smith.

October 2016

Blues Music Magazine

Reviewed by Charlie Frazier
In 1992 Paul DesLauriers co-founded the band “Black Cat Bone”. Their debut recording 1994’s “What A Way to Make A Living” and 1995 follow up “Bone-ified” established them as “Canada’s hottest blues rock band”. They wound up opening for Colin James when he was on tour in the summer of ‘95.
When “Black Cat Bone” disbanded, due to an injury sustained by his partner, DesLauriers found work touring with Johnny Ferriera & The Swing Machine, Amanda Marshall and others. He even recorded with Bryan Lee.
In 2007 DesLauriers recorded “En Duo” with, Canada’s “Queen of The Blues”, Maple Blues Award winner Dawn Tyler Watson. That same year DesLauriers also released his solo album “Ripping into Red”. Both albums have since been re-issued on DesLauriers’ own Big Toe Productions. DesLauriers recorded “Enter The Gate” in 2013 with sitar master Anwar Khurshid and it is an adventurous acoustic meeting of Blues and Indian classical music.
The Paul Deslauriers Band was formed consisting of DesLauriers, winner of two Maple Blues Awards, guitar and vocals; Greg Morency, 2015 Maple Blues Award winner, bass; and Sam Harrison, a three-time Maple Blues Award nominee, drums. In 2014 their widely acclaimed self titled debut reached number one on the Canadian Blues Chart within the first month of being released. Then in January of 2016 The Paul DesLauriers Band took second place, in the band competition, at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis.
DesLauriers has long been thought of as a great guitarist and an able vocalist. It’s unusual however for a Blues rock trio to have a rhythm section like Morency and Harrisson and the trio has written and arranged all of their music together. The lyrics are from DesLauriers and his longtime writing partner Alec McElcheran. There is a definite chemistry that exists here.
Their newest album “Relentless” has just been released. The opener “Stewtro Rock” doesn’t affect me until I hear the words “I just got back”. Then I’m transplanted to a place somewhere in the back of my mind. On “I’m Your Man”; “Still Under My Skin” with the simple lyric “after everything, still under my skin”; and on “Wipes Away Your Sin” I find the rhythm section so solid that DesLauriers is freed to “invent” and oh’ boy does he ever. This is fabulous blues rock. Often times a three piece band has its limitations. Not so with The Paul DesLauriers Band. These guys are the goods!
The Paul DesLauriers Band is scheduled to appear at both the 2016 Heritage Music Festival in Wheeling, West Va. and at The 2016 Daytona Blues Festival in Florida. They are a band that should not be missed.
Well, we leave the traditional 12-bars behind with the Paul Deslauriers Band's Relentless and enter the Netherlands between blues and rock once inhabited by the giants from the American South and where is this bluesman with a French name from? Canada, of course. Not only that, but Francophonic Canada...I guess we all have the blues. Who the Paul Deslauriers Band reminds me of is a Cactus with finesse. In ten original compositions, Deslauriers displays an acute lead guitar ability bolstered by better-than average compositional skill. His arrangements are tight and performance exacting. This is very good music that finds itself in a deluge of very good music. I am glad that we have the selection that we have today, because there is something for everyone.
Michael Bailey.
September-October 2016
Crossroads Blues Society Newsletter.
Paul DesLauriers Band Big Toe Productions www.pauldeslauriers-­
10 songs/53 minutes
reviewed by Marty Gunther
Relentless is the perfect word to describe this fearsome blues-rock trio. From the ascending opening bars of “Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back)” to the textured guitar-drums interplay at the close of “Gonna Make You Move (Part 2),” the music charges fearlessly through various blues and rock modes, avoiding clichés while delivering austere power and clanging riff bombs.
First, let’s introduce The Band. Paul DesLauriers (pronounced “de-loree-yay”) leads the group on gritty vocals and fierce lead guitar plus piano and Theremin, backed by Greg Morency on bass and Sam Harrisson on drums and various forms of percussion. Together, these guys form a killer band, evoking for me classic blues combos of the 60s and 70s, like Humble Pie, Bad Company, Savoy Brown, Fog Hat, and Free. Not that the DesLauriers Band is derivative, but rather that they play with the same heated masculine authority as these hearty progenitors, even cranking it up an extra notch. It’s interesting to note that the five above named bands hail from the UK, and the DesLauriers Band is from Montreal, Canada.
This is a serious guitar band, the sonic path paved by furious bass and drums. The guitar is urgent, the vocals full and powerful, hiding nothing. One of my problems with too many blues artists is that the listener usually knows what note is coming up soon in any lead; with DesLauriers you never know what’s next. He can play it sweet or he can make it shriek, and either way sounds unexpected and right.
Really, every song is superlative. “Still Under My Skin,” is a dirty blues number that features wild, exciting guitar. “Wipes Away Your Sin,” starts like a march, all thudding drums and thrumming guitar chords. “Up in the Air” is a lean and mean solid blues tune. “We Just Might’ is a full charge and gallop right from the opening drum roll, DesLauriers roaring all the way on vox and guitar. And The Band writes all their own songs, with help on the lyrics by “longtime collaborator” Alec McElcheran.
In January 2014 Paul DesLauriers was recognized as Canada’s top blues guitar player at the 17th Annual Maple Blues Awards ceremony in Toronto. In 2015 each guy was nominated for best on his instrument—and Greg Morency won for bass.
The Band is headquartered in Montreal, but DesLauriers is originally from Cornwall, Ontario. Absolutely buy the CD, and keep your eyes open for local performances. Don’t be surprised if they blast you out of your chair.
Yet another power trio. But don’t yawn just yet, for this is a Canadian outfit that rips and roars with more than a hint of one of the finest trios seemingly at its core. This is no forlorn, over-bloated attempt to emulate Hendrix, no way. If anything this is an album with some ripping, gripping Clapton-esque fretwork and a backbeat that both Jack and Ginger would be more than happy to call their own.
Relentless is one of those albums that rewards with repeated airings. A sophomore release, it pulls in swampy, rocky, sweaty sounds and influences and hi-lights frontman DesLauriers’ guitar mastery while always allowing his buddies here, Greg Morency and Sam Harrisson on bass and drums respectively, to show their own quality and shine.
All ten tracks come from the band with the help on lyric-score-sharing with DesLauriers old songwriting buddy Alec McElcheran, and feature some memorable, heavy riffs and rocking blues. This is a band that continually grows in stature, picking up awards in Canada on a regular basis while also managing a second place at the 2016 Memphis challenge this year.
Relentless is an album of true quality from a band that is knocking hard on the door of musical success, deservedly well on the way to great things and a howling blues future.
The Paul DesLauriers Band - Relentless (Big Toe Productions):  This band took second at this year's I.B.C., and it's easy to see how that happened when you hear their second release.  This hard-rocking trio just positively rips through this excellent ten-song set of original tunes.  While they certainly know how to rock the house, they're also capable of enticing, hypnotic grooves in the North Mississippi Allstars mode, or even getting down-in-the-gutter funky on several tracks.
Simply put, there's not a clunker in the bunch.  DesLauriers is a powerful vocalist and guitarist and he co-wrote all of these tunes with longtime collaborator Alec McElcheran.  They can rock the house at will, but also know their way around the traditional blues.  This is a remarkable set of blues and blues rockers that show that PDB just might take home the gold at next year's I.B.C.

September 2016
The Paul DesLauriers Band took second place at the 2016 IBC, and after listening to their sophomore release, Relentless (Big Toe Productions), it’s easy to see how they achieved such a lofty position. The album is appropriately titled. This dynamic trio (DesLauriers – guitar/vocals/piano/theremin, Greg Morency – bass, Sam Harrisson – drums/percussion) positively burns through ten original tunes that they crafted from the bottom up.
DesLauriers composed these songs with longtime collaborator Alec McElcheran and simply put, they’re all winners. The opening track is “Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back),” with it’s “Wham!”-like intro and, yes, relentless, rocking attack, give listeners the feeling that this album is going to be something special. The funky, hypnotic grooves of “I’m Your Man” and “Still Under My Skin” will remind listeners a bit of the North Mississippi Allstars’ work, and “Ten Feet Tall” is a driving rocker sandwiched in-between.
“Wipes Away Your Sin” and “Up In The Air” mark the center point of the album, a gorgeous pair of rockers that may be the best two tracks on the disc, which is really saying something. The hard-driving “We Just Might” is a fun and funky romp, and “If I Still Had You” is also in strong contention for Best In Show. It’s the purest blues on the disc, clocking in at a smoldering eight and a half minutes.
The closing song, “Gonna Make You Move,” is a two-parter. Part 1 is loose-limbed and funky, and Part 2 shifts the song to a blues-rock instrumental mode. The combined effort really sums up the qualities of this band, which is one of Canada’s most highly regarded blues acts. It’s a pretty safe bet that Relentless, combined with their impressive showing at this year’s IBC, will spread the word to all corners of the globe.
Graham Clarke
Big Toe Production
Back to the blues for our final turn around the block today, and it’s off to the Canadian colonies and album number two from The Paul DesLauriers Band.
They like to rock their blues, and their self titled debut saw them reaping awards right, left and centre.  And if this is anything to go by, then it’s no surprise.  It’s a lively and vibrant recording, no doubt helped by the fact that the trio record the music by playing live in the studio.  Something that really gives it an organic feel.
But it wouldn’t matter if the songs were shite.  They’re not, and there is a lot to love in the grooves of “Ten Feet Tall”, “I’m Your Man” and “If I Still Had You”.  It’s powerful stuff which looks back to the heavy blues rock of the seventies but without being an exercise in pure retro.  It’s solid and in your face, so if you’re looking for something to groove along to, give it a go.
The history of rock and roll has been re-written thousand times, each times in a different way. Some artists succeed in the attempt to disassemble and re-build the genre through their own personal visions, some others fail miserably.
Thankfully, there is also who does not need to re-write a rock and roll history book, like the Canadian power trio The Paul DesLauriers Band, because they know exactly all about the genre by heart very well and understand that the secret in playing real rock and roll has always been and always will be instinct, immediacy and, most of all, bags of talent.
Through their second album called Relentless, the band steps up definitely in their music formula by delivering, through 10 superb tracks, an authentic and complete music vernacular that goes from the genesis of rock and roll (blues) to the evolution of the genre (roots and funk).
Individually, each musician is in a class of their own. Paul DesLauriers is a true virtuoso, when it comes to play guitar and he is also an excellent singer. Greg Morency on bass dazzles the listeners with such flawless fluidity and ability. Sam Harrisson on drums and percussion dictates the changes of tempo on the album with pitch perfect chronometric precision.
By having three musicians like these, recording together the whole album locked in the same room at the same time with a spotless interplay, the end results cannot be less then phenomenal and Relentless is indeed, to say the least, a phenomenal album.
There are different shades of rock for all different palates, on the Canadian band's new record. From the epic sound of tunes like the opener Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back) and Wipes Away Your Sin to the foot-stomping blues/rock of I'm Your Man and We Just Might until stepping into more rootsy territories, like in the song Up In The Air.
Even when The Paul DesLauriers Band delves into the roots of rock and roll, as in that magnificent blues ballad called If I Still Had You, the quality of their craftmanship and the consistency of their delivery is always first class.
The tracks Gonna Make You Move Part 1 and Part 2 might have been, originally, a long suite that the band decided to split in two separate segments.The first part is more rootsy, with little infusions of funk, sprayed cleverly throughout the tune. The second part, which also closes the album, is a perfectly executed instrumental blues/rock tune and frankly, those two tracks couldn't define any better the artistic message of a band with a great knowledge, respect and understanding of rock and roll.
Relentless is an album of rare beauty, whose sound frames beautifully the past and present of rock and roll at its very best. The Paul Deslauriers might have just pulled, through Relentless, one of the best albums of 2016.
 Giovanni "Gio" Pilato
October/November 2016
Blues Matters
July 28 30-Aug 24 , 2016 edition 754
Scene Magazine
There’s many a band out there riding the blues-rock revival thing and like always, there’s them’s with the goods and them’s without the goods but plenty of bluster and image-mongering. Montreal’s Paul DesLauriers Band is firmly in the first category and their latest release Relentless both aptly lives up to its title and ably stakes their claim to being the ‘real thing’ with authority. A power trio in all the best aspects of the term, these guys (DesLauriers on monster guitar, bassist/ melodic anchorman Greg Morency and drummer extraordinaire Sam Harrisson) lay things down in a no-nonsense manner with plenty of power and the chops to make a statement and hammer things home without getting in the way of each other or the tunes themselves.
There's a big difference between loud and loud but melodic. The DesLauriers Band never sacrifices tunefulness despite pumping out some of the best goes-to-11 numbers in the Canadian blues-rock scene. Paul DesLauriers is a shattering lead guitar player, capable of filling almost every moment he's not singing with fiery solos, especially on showcases such as Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back) and Still Under My Skin. But never, never, is it just noise and volume; there's always a fine song going on there as well.
All three members of the Montreal group have been recognized as among the very best at their instruments in the country. Greg Morency took home the 2015 Maple Blues Award for Bass Player of the Year, DesLauriers won Guitar Player the year before, and drummer Sam Harrisson has been nominated as well. The talent is immediately evident on this set, with the rhythm section providing a huge and relentless bedrock, allowing DesLauriers to go explosive on top. Uncluttered by guest players and extra instruments (too much of that going on these days, I find), you can sit back and follow each player, and really get an appreciation for the playing here. The cut We Just Might is intense and rocking from start to finish, and I almost gave it a standing ovation in my living room the first time I heard it. My cat thinks I'm weird.
Bob Mersereau.
Maple Blues Magazine
After many years of hard work Paul DesLauriers is finally getting the kind of recognition he deserves. With his bandmates, Greg Morency & Sam Harrisson, he has responded with new music that more than rises to the occasion. Relentless is one hard rocking disc, as befits one of the finest power trios working today. First among equals for me here is the slide-driven "Wipes Away Your Sin", with its attractive melody and the slow blues centrepiece, "If I Still Had You"which deals candidly with the conflicting feelings in a breakup. The opener, "Stewtro Rock Just Got Back)" itself opens with a quote from the late Lonnie Mack's "Wham", a very nice tribute. "Ten Feet Tall" was the song released first, a stone solid rocker. The lyrics, over top of all those guitars were written by DesLauriers and Al McElcheran and they get into some fun double-entendres on "We Just Might"and "Gonna Make You Move (Part 1).""(part 2)" seems to be an excerpt from a much longer jam that this song no doubt becomes in performance. DesLauriers is a very good singer but what you'll take away normally from this disc is the remarkable interplay between these veteran players. If you've caught them live you'll know that this disc, recorded in a studio, captures the performing live - a very difficult thing to pull off. As a band and individually they've won many awards, this disc will get more. They tour relentlessly, check out for the next  show near you, and get this disc.

This one hit me in the face like a barbequed steak hurled across the room.  Talk about your sleeves-rolled-up bare-knuckle blues… The PDB have followed up their 2014 self-titled debut with a greasy, nasty, high cholesterol rack of rockin’ roadhouse blues sure to peel paint at the appropriate volume levels.
This album was written and produced as a group, by singer/ guitarist Paul Deslauriers, bassist Greg Morency and drummer Sam Harrisson.  It was recorded in their usual way, the guys playing together in the same room, live off the floor.  Hell, Relentless is far more energetic than almost any live record you’d care to name, with a rugged energy that belies the precision with which the PDB play as they lock in and just go hell bent for leather until each song is done.  Like southern rock, only more joyously vicious.
The songs on this disc, from a barn burner like Ten Feet Tall to the slow, tortured blues of If I Still Had You, have the ability to lift you up- even lift you up and carry you away to somewhere else, if you’re willing to let go and take the ride.  The PDB’s rhythm section is excellent, but for me the draw on this disc is Paul’s scorching guitar work.  Whether he’s throwing down some fat, muscular chords or taking off with a solo his playing is fierce and emotional.  He’s a fine blues singer too, sounding not unlike David Gogo here- and that’s a very good thing.
The blues may be considered by some to be an archaic art form, something to be studied by musical archaeologists, but records like The Paul Deslauriers Band’s Relentless prove that the music is alive and well, vital, and in very good hands.  This is flat-out awesome.
ESSENTIALS: Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back), Ten Feet Tall, If I Still Had You
5 stars
John Kereiff  “The Rock Doctor”

Journal de Montréal
Il faut avouer que les nouvelles furent pour le moins déprimantes. Entre la disparition tragique d’une mère de famille, sauvagement attaquée par un pitbull et une fin de session parlementaire mouvementée avec deux femmes courageuses qui ont affronté les «sbires» du MTQ, sans oublier un gouvernement qui sent le sol se dérober, que faire?
Mieux que des antidépresseurs et autres pharmacopées, nous vous suggérons d’aller chez votre disquaire ou de télécharger le nouveau disque du Paul Deslauriers Band. Nous disions du blues, mais c’est plus cela avec trois louches de rock acidulé qui évoquent, chez votre blogueur, les belles années de Led Zeppelin ou Deep Purple, mais sans les claviers. Aussi heureux qu’il y a deux ans lors de la sortie de leur premier album, Relentless est tout sauf de l’amateurisme.
Avec du cœur au ventre, des doigts agiles et un sens certain de la mélodie, nos trois «rockeurs dans l’âme»: Paul Deslauriers, guitare/ voix, Sam Harrison, batterie, et Greg Morency à la basse vous feront passer de belles heures. Si, finalement, le beau temps peut arriver, nous recommandons à tous les adeptes de la moto et autres grands voyageurs de glisser dans leurs bagages cet additif à l’octane élevé.
Christophe Rodriguez
Having played together for a month of Sundays, Paul DesLauriers, Sam Harrisson, and Greg Morency have knuckled down over the past few years.  The road hardened vets branded themselves as the Paul Deslauriers Band (more affectionately known as PDB) and subsequently released their self-titled freshman CD under that moniker in 2014. The creative juices have been overflowing since, so the trio began working on the follow up in late 2015, and the resulting Relentless was unleashed on the public at large in early June 2016.
 The disc kicks off with a theme statement, titled Stewtro Rock, with a heavy riff that should have 70's guitarists looking over their shoulders. This song has more crunch than the good Captain himself. The rest of the album, while not as raunchy, is groove driven rock and blues. Ten Feet Tall could (and should) well become a staple in every radio station's regular rotation. If I Still Had You is done in a classic blues vein while We Just Might is the firestarter uptempo party tune (with Harrison undoubtably heeding Christopher Walken's advice for more cowbell!).
While great rhythm sections are defined by knowing what to leave out, the next level is knowing where to add. Those additions on Relentless are quite subtle, yet prominent. A few weeks ago I was listening to a recording that Morency was featured on over 10 years ago and I was blown away with some of his playing. In person Morency is courteous, refined, and his tone is always kept at the same level, whether telling a joke or telling someone off, but said in a way that is clearly understood. Those characteristics sum up his bass playing throughout Relentless.
Although the album is dirtier and greasier than its' predecessor, Harrisson has taken a unique approach to timekeeping and applies it in good form from start to finish, keeping the balance in check. He could have thrashed away and they would still be great songs, but his methodology allows the compositions to remain under control giving the guitarist ample opportunity to shine. Hard pressed to define the style, the writer approached the source and asked the drummer what technique he had applied, to which the reply came, "that's jungle shit man!". Harrisson's experience pays off in spades. I'm Your Man and Wipes Away Your Sin are prime examples.
Relentless is the result of three musicians sitting down in the same room and bouncing ideas off of each other until a kernel is conceived, which then triggers a process that the trio feeds off of. It's an almost lost art in this day and age of being able to share files electronically. In person jamming and recording gives music a different vibe which Relentless lends evidence to. Make You Move has a complete jam feeling to it with hints of The James Gang, The Stones, and Grand Funk. With Relentless, the trio finally finds its' true voice- their IBC success in Memphis confirmed a lot of things for them.
All said and done, this is a great listen. Oh yeah... there's also some guitar playing on the album as well...ok, some flipping awesome guitar work. DesLauriers' playing is controlled anger, that's how it can best be described. Great riffing throughout, and solos galore, each one as impressive as the last. Still Under My Skin has an Eeyore pace to it only to see Pooh get torn to shreds by Tigger when the solo kicks in. Up in the Air, losing it's rhythm guitar to be taken over by some inspiring slide playing, doesn't miss a beat. Four Kings, six strings, and Memphis bound for a reason. Vocally, DesLauriers seems to have stretched a little further that what we've been accustomed to hearing from him. Some great melodic deliveries and grit.
I have to admit that when I first listened to Relentless it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I believe that’s what won me over. It isn’t simply a rehash of leftover material from the previous release. The tunes are fresh, aggressive, and powerful and are all originals. It took me a few spins before the infectious venom set in, but it has, and there is no antivenin to cure it.
Sean Willoughby

Thérèse Parisien
à 5m 35s.
Sylvain Ménard
Puisqu’il faut se lever Paul Arcand
Vitrine du 23 juin 2016
The Paul DesLauriers Band is een Canadees trio van prima muzikanten die zich in een paar jaar tijd wisten in de kijker te spelen. Zowel zanger/gitarist en pianist Paul DesLauriers, als bassist Greg Morency en drummer Sam Harrisson werden regelmatig genomineerd voor de Maple Blues Awards en de Quebec Lys Blues Awards. Ze wonnen deze awards trouwens al. Frontman Paul won twee Maple Blues Awards in 2014, waaronder deze van beste gitarist en hij won vijf Lys Blues Awards. Greg Morency won de Maple Blues Award als beste bassist in 2015 en drummer Sam Harrisson won al drie jaar de Maple Blues Award als beste drummer en tevens won hij al negen Lys Blues Awards voor zijn muzikale prestaties. Dit zijn toch wel heel mooie referenties die deze drie heren kunnen voorleggen. In 2014 bereikte hun titelloze album de eerste plaats in de I Tunes Canada Blues Charts. Op dertig januari van dit jaar behaalde het trio, dat we voor de gemakkelijkheid gaan afkorten tot PDB, de tweede plaats op de tweeëndertigste International Blues Challenge in Memphis, waaraan honderdnegentien bands deelnamen. Nu heeft PDB met 'Relentless' een nieuw album uit, met tien nieuwe originele nieuwe nummers. De muziek werd door het drietal geschreven en de teksten door Paul en Alec McElcheran en het werd opgenomen in de Studio Fast Forward in Montreal. Momenteel zijn ze het album volop aan het promoten in Canada en de Verenigde Staten. Ze staan op de affiche van een paar zeer grote festivals zoals het Internationaal Jazz Festival, The Tremblant International Blues festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, Kalamazoo Bluesfest, Heritage Music Blues Festival, Daytona Blues Festival om er maar een paar op te noemen.
 Dat The Paul DesLauriers Band een power trio is horen we dadelijk in de opener 'Stewtro Rock' en in 'Ten Feet Tall' waarin de verschroeiende riffs je rond de oren vliegen. De sound van de grote rockbands uit de jaren zeventig is hier duidelijk terug te vinden. Soms is het net of de drie muzikanten tegen elkaar op aan het jammen zijn, maar de stuwende riffs van alle drie lijkt het perfecte bindmiddel te zijn. Deze drie topmuzikanten gunnen elkaar instrumentale vrijheid, zolang het resultaat van één plus één plus één maar hoger is dan drie. Het trio blijft rocken, maar zoekt Zuiderse oorden op in 'I'm Your Man', waar een stevige scheut Southern Rock in te horen is. Ook tijdens 'Still Under My Skin' blijft PDB in de Southern rock sfeer hangen. Greg Morency die zowel een vier, als een acht snaren bas gebruikt op het album,  blijft maar voor zware, maar o zo mooie groovende baslijnen zorgen en Sam Harrisson leeft zich volledig uit in zijn erg gedreven slagwerk en martelt zijn drum stel het hele album lang. Frontman Paul DesLauriers laat zijn gitaar machtig janken, maar ook vocaal staat hij zijn mannetje met zijn krachtige stem. Ook heavy rock en headbangen is niet vreemd voor PDB, luister maar eens naar 'Wipes Away Your Sin' en je weet dadelijk wat ik bedoel. Het gaspedaal wordt helemaal ingeduwd voor de brutale uptempo rocker 'We Just Might' en je voelt dadelijk dat drummer Sam Harrisson zich goed in zijn sas voelt bij dit soort songs. Het beste nummer op het album is 'If I Still Had You', dit is blues die je raakt tot in je kleine teen. Dit is meer dan acht minuten puur genot. Geweldige sfeer wisselingen van heel intiem naar echt heftig. De imponerende gitaar solo van Paul, die zijn gitaar laat huilen en janken dat het een lust is, gedijt erg goed op de diepe baslijnen van Greg Morency. Het album sluit af met 'Gonna Make You Out Part 1 and Part 2', en het zijn structueel twee verschillende nummers. Part één is een lekkere funky rock song en part twee is instrumentale rock, jazz en funk fusion van het genre dat Joe Bonamassa speelt bij zijn project Rock Candy Funk Party. Het zijn in ieder twee songs waarin Paul, Greg en Sam zich instrumentaal weer volledig kunnen uitleven en boven zichzelf kunnen uitstijgen. 'Relentless' is een aangenaam album, dat heel wat power bevat. De drie uitstekende muzikanten zorgen voor heel wat maturiteit in hun spel. Rock is de hoofdbrok in 'Relentless', maar toch is er genoeg afwisseling op het album doordat PDB hun rock vermengd met, funk, blues en Southern rock. (7/10)
Walter Vanheuckelom
July 2016. REVIEUW/2016/JULI1/CD54.html
Singer-songwriter Paul DesLauriers (uitspraak: “de-loree-yay”) frontman van The DesLauriers Band (PDB) is een virtuoos op zowel akoestische als elektrische gitaar en wordt beschouwd als één van de beste all round gitaristen in Quebec, Canada. DesLauriers was in 2011 winnaar van de ‘Lys Blues Award’ als ‘Best Artistic Performance’, in 2008 winnaar van ‘Album of the Year’ met het akoestisch album “… En Duo” en, in 2005 ‘Best Musical Performance’. DesLauriers is genomineerd tijdens de ‘Canadian Maple Blues Awards’ als ‘Acoustic Act of the Year’ (samen met Dawn Tyler Watson) voor hun album “… En Duo”.
In de jaren ’90 is DesLauriers een van de oprichters van Black Cat Bone, een Canadese blues rock band. Sinds 1997 is hij frontman van The Paul Deslauriers Band. In 2006 brengt Paul het solo album “Ripping Into Red” uit. In 2010 is DesLauriers muzikaal directeur, producer van en ook performer op het “Nos Stars Chantent Le Blues à Montréal” album, voor het ‘L’équipe Spectra & The Montreal International Jazz Festival’. Recent, in 2016, werd PDB in Memphis tweede tijdens de IBC. 
Deze maand komt er, als opvolger van het titelloos album uit 2014, “Relentless”, het nieuwe studio album van de PDB uit. Het is een blues rock album met enkel origineel materiaal. De titel (“Meedogenloos”) spreekt op zich al boekdelen. Als je naar het album luistert zal je vanaf de dwepende en afmattende riffs van de opener ”Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back)” en ”Ten Feet Tall”, via de swampy grooves van ”I’m Your Man” en ”Still Under My Skin” en de zware blues rock van ”If I Still Had You”, ongetwijfeldde power van dit trio voelen. In de afsluiters ”Gonna Make You Move (Part 1)” en ”Gonna Make You Move (Part 2)” en ”We Just Might” wordt er blues met funk en een portie brutale dubbelzinnigheden gemengd. ”Wipes Away Your Skin” en ”Up In The Air” gaan over het omgaan met de ingewikkeldheid die relaties kunnen inhouden en een leven dat doorgebracht is in het zog van de muze.
The DesLauriers Band bevestigt met “Relentless”, dat ze er als blues rock band nog altijd stevig staan. Het is een gevarieerd album, dat niet alleen de blues rock fans zal aanspreken.
Eric Schuurmans
Following the success of their self-titled album from 2014, The Paul DesLauriers Band has returned with the aptly titled Relentless, a genuine blues-rock escapade featuring 10 new songs that encompass their most original and powerful work to date.
In a true collaborative effort, singer-guitarist Paul DesLauriers (pronounced "de-loree-yay"), bassist Greg Morency and drummer Sam Harrisson approached this recording the same way as previous projects: three men playing together in one room, capturing the performances live.
This time they've applied that philosophy to the entire creative process, writing and arranging the music together from the ground up, with lyrics penned by DesLauriers and his longtime collaborator Alec McElcheran.
Each member of the band is a virtuoso in his own right, but what sets this power trio apart is its uncanny chemistry. Through the driving riffs of "Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back)" and "Ten Feet Tall," the swampy grooves of "I’m Your Man" and "Still Under My Skin" and the heavy blues of "If I Still Had You," the power the musicians share is obvious. "Gonna Make You Move (Part 1)" and "We Just Might" intersperse blues with funk and cheeky  double-entendre, while "Wipes Away Your Sin" and "Up In The Air" deal with the complexities of relationships and of a life spent chasing the muse.
In recent years, The Paul DesLauriers Band has surely become one of Canada's most acclaimed blues acts. In January 2016, they took home 2nd Place among 119 competing bands at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, adding to their multiple Maple Blues and Lys Blues Awards and nominations and a #1 album on the iTunes Canada Blues Chart.
Relentless is destined to cement their position and radiate their influence even further across the international stage
The Paul Deslauriers Band, kortweg PDB, is een Canadees trio dat bestaat uit zanger/gitarist en pianist Paul DesLauriers, bassist Greg Morency en drummer Sam Harrisson. De band werd meermaals bekroond met een Maple Blues Award en de Quebec Lys Blues Award. De prijzenkast dik dus stilaan aan. Hun titelloze debuutplaat uit 2014 bereikte zelfs de eerste plaats in de Canadese iTunes Blues Charts. In januari behaalde PDB zelfs de tweede plaats op de 32ste International Blues Challenge in Memphis. We plaatsen dus vol verwachting de release ‘Relentless’ in onze cd-lader. En van bij het eerste nummer ‘Stewtro Rock’ (Just Go Back) worden we hier werkelijk van onze sokken geblazen. De heavy gitaarriffs worden existent in het rond gestrooid. En de toon blijkt meteen gezet te zijn voor het gehele album, dat trouwens bol staat van tien originele tracks. Het nummer ‘I’m Your Man’ is geënthousiasmeerd met heuse rockabilly tunes. En deze sfeer blijft zich ook nestelen in de nummers ‘Ten Feet Tall’ en het vrolijke ‘Still Under My Skin’. De track ‘Wipes Away Your Skin’ heeft meer het allooi van een heavy metal song, maar gelukkig komt de blues rocker ‘We Just Might’ ons alweer opvrijen. De strakke backing komt ook stilaan onder stoom in de bluesy ballade ‘If I Still Had You’. En als je honger nog niet gestild is komen de nummers ‘Gonna Make You Move’ (Part 1 & Part 2) nog de revue passeren. ‘Part One’ puilt uit van de funky rocktunes terwijl ‘Part Two’ op zijn beurt dan weer een knappe instrumentale rock en jazzy fusion track blijkt te zijn.
Heerlijk schijfje!
Philip Verhaege (4½)
July 2016
The Paul Deslauriers Band - Relentless
De Canadese blues rock formatie The Paul Deslauriers Band brengt met het album ' Relentless ' een prima opvolger uit van haar titelloze debuut. Net als eerdere projecten heeft de band ervoor gekozen om haar muziek op te nemen in één kamer.
De opzet is om zo het gehele creatieve proces van het opnemen op gang te brengen , het samen schrijven , nummers opbouwen vanaf de grond en zoveel mogelijk rauw en live vast te leggen. Deze keuze hoort de luisteraar zeker terug. De muziek klink rauw , puur en oprecht. Tien nummers lang horen we een band in topvorm. De muzikanten zijn stuk voor stuk uitstekend en de optelsom van deze kwaliteiten  maakt The Paul Deslauriers Band tot een prima band. Met ' Relentless ' geeft de band haar visitekaartje af. Een album waar het enthousiasme en vakmanschap van afdruipt.
Met “Relentless” heeft de Canadese Paul DesLauriers Band zijn tweede album uitgebracht. Zowel de band als de afzonderlijke leden, te weten zanger/gitarist/pianist Paul DesLauriers, bassist Greg Morency en drummer Sam Harrisson, hebben sinds hun oprichting diverse prijzen en nominaties in de wacht gesleept en in thuisland Canada is het eerste album prima verkocht.
Het nieuwe album “Relentless” bevat tien zelfgeschreven nummers. De muziek is van de band, teksten van DesLauriers en collega-muzikant Alec McElcheran. De titel “Relentless” (onbarmhartig, ongenadig) dekt de lading. De Paul DesLauriers Band is een typisch powertrio en staat stevig in de traditie die is begonnen door bands als Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience en Robin Trower. Morency en Harrisson houden als ritmesectie de boel strak, maar weten ook de boel flink op te stuwen. Dit geeft DesLauriers de ruimte voor zijn bijdrage. Wat stijl betreft moet je denken aan stevige rock, die geënt is op blues. Mijn favoriete nummer is de ruim acht minuten lange powerballad “If I Still Had You”.
Eric Campfens
Le premier album éponyme du Paul DesLauriers Band paru en 2014 n’a laissé personne indifférent tant le chanteur et guitariste virtuose mais aussi ses deux acolytes au moins aussi brillants que lui, Greg Morency à la basse et Sam Harrisson à la batterie, avaient mis du cœur à l’ouvrage, des watts dans les amplis et du talent à chaque recoin de la rondelle. Récompensés à maintes reprises aux Lys Blues et aux Maple Blues Awards, les trois musiciens ont franchi au début de l’année 2016 une étape supplémentaire en arrivant à la seconde place de l’International Blues Challenge à Memphis où ils concourraient parmi près de cent vingt groupes venus du monde entier, une raison de plus de revenir très vite sur le devant de la scène avec ce nouvel effort où leur line up inchangé fait une fois encore des merveilles. Adepte des gros sons de guitares bien joufflus, Paul DesLauriers sort une nouvelle fois l’artillerie lourde et nous envoie sans se faire prier des riffs tendus à bloc dans un registre qui va du Texas Blues au Southern Rock en passant par un bon gros rock qui n’hésite pas à avouer son nom. Derrière l’artificier de service, la section rythmique ne se contente pas de faire de la figuration et confirme que si le Paul DesLauriers Band est une des formations les plus en vue du Canada, elle n’est absolument pas étrangère à cet état de fait, que ce soit grâce à sa précision mais aussi à sa régularité et à sa puissance. Du bonheur à chacune des étapes, c’est le programme que nous propose « Relentless », un second opus dans lequel on se prend quelques beaux uppercuts comme « Stewtro Rock (Just Go Back) » et « Ten Feet Tall », des pièces pleines de groove et d’aspérités comme « I’m Your Man » et « Still Under My Skin », des blues surpuissants comme « We Just Might » et « Gonna Make You Move » et enfin des morceaux plus subtils comme « Wipes Away Your Sin », « If I Still Had You » et « Up In The Air ». Les amateurs de belles guitares et de power trios vont s’en donner à cœur joie, c’est certain, et ce n’est qu’un début tant la source d’inspiration du Paul DesLauriers Band semble intarissable. Voilà un groupe que l’on espère retrouver très vite sur toutes les scènes d’ici et d’ailleurs !
Frédéric Delforge
Automne 2016
Le cri du coyote 150
A la suite d'un album éponyme en 2014, le PDB nous offre le fruit d'un long travail acharné d'une équipe de trois musiciens en recherche d'une identité dans le monde du blues. Les canadiens de Montréal ont malaxé et trituré leur musique en studio et lors des concerts des deux ans écoulés et cet album est le résultat éclatant de cette remise continuelle en une forme personnelle. Paul (gtr, vo, pno, theremin), Greg Morency (bss) et Sam Harrisson (drm, perc) forment un trio soudé et efficace, jouant un blues rock qui lui a permis de se placer 2ème au Memphis International Blues Challenge en janvier. L'osmose est parfaite et le résultat convaincant dans ces 10 titres : riffs étincelants Stewtro Rock (Just Got Back), Ten Feet Tal, blues profond, I Still Had You, texture groove I'm Your Man, Still Under My Skin. Le poids des choses se mêle à la légèreté de mises en sons funky pour le plaisir de l'oreille Gonna Make You Move ou We Just Might, la recherche de l'inspiration et la complexité des relations humaines sont traduites dans Wipes Away Your Sin ou Up In The Air. Toutes ces vibrations positives font de ce combo québécois un must sur la scène blues internationale, après deux CD et nombre de concerts. A (re)découvrir... (Big Toe).

Izvanserijski gitarist Paul Deslauriers preko Big Toe Productions 15. je srpnja objavio svoj novi studijski album "Relentless". Kao i bezbroj albuma do sada, niti ovaj ne bi bilo moguće prezentirati da nije kalifornijske promotorske kuće Frank Roszak Radio Promotions, koja provodi globalnu promociju Paul Deslauriersa i njegova benda The Paul Deslauriers Band. Paula obilježava upravo njegova filigranska svirka gitare. Naime, on se itekako ističe tim svojim filigranskim gitarističkim rukopisom, i to bilo da se radi o akustičnoj ili električnoj gitari. Njegov stil je majstorski, a povrh toga Paul sve još nadopunjuje svojim snažnim i senzualnim glasom. Ovaj apsolutno talentirani, nadahnuti i suptilni blues glazbenik svojom glazbom čini ama baš sve što hoće. Svojim je upornim radom i neumornim istraživanjem usvojio i prezentirao bogatu paletu glazbenih stilova i raspoloženja. Nemoguće je ne primijetiti da je u sve to utkano neprimjetno stapanje granice bluesa u korijenima s folkom, soulom i rock & rollom. Nježno i vatreno, akustično ili elektrificirano, ovaj glazbenik permanentno vrši temeljito istraživanje u umjetnosti, a njegova sposobnost da savršeno spaja sve gore navedene, ali samo prividne proturječnosti u prekrasni univerzalni jezik, u glazbu, jednom je riječju – fascinantna.
Album nam nudi 10 pjesama, koje su prave sljedbenice prošlog albuma iz 2014. No, ovaj put sve je to puno jače, energičnije i neizrecivo originalnije. Upravo to je glavna odrednica albuma "Relentless". Jednako tako stoji da se teško nakon preslušavanja nećete osjećati dobro, dapače! Nema nikakve sumnje, iz vas će izlaziti ogromne količine nakupljenih pozitivnih emocija. Ove godine na IBC-u u Memphisu Paul DesLauriers Band plasirali su se na vrlo visoko 2. mjesto među 119 konkurentnih bendova iz cijeloga svijeta. Sve to, ali i ono što je pred njima, ide u smjeru potpunog etabliranja svog statusa i položaja na svjetskoj blues sceni. S druge pak strane, u posljednjih nekoliko godina Paul DesLauriers Band postali su jedan od najcjenjenijih kanadskih blues izvođača. To bez sumnje potvrđuju i ovim svojim novim stufijskim albumum, koji nam donosi i nudi pravi blues-rock. Ma nema nikakve dvojbe, radi se o njihovom najoriginalnijem i najsnažnijem autorskom radu do sada.Inventivan, originalan, snažan i probojan u osjećajnim blues temama, strastven energičan u baladama, te nadasve poseban u efektnim blues/rock skladbama. Jednom riječju – fantastično!
Paul Deslauriers i njegov bend albumom "Relentless" pokazali su što znači imati tako puno u malom prstu. A u tom 'malom prstu' oni imaju prebogatu glazbenu škrinju iz koje svako malo vade neke izuzetne, uspješne, poznate i legendarne pjesme kao inspiraciju. Nakon toga slijedi skladateljski proces u kojem slijedi toliko jako izražena originalnost da je to u najmanju ruku impresivno. Sve te pjesme imaju doista efektno i snažno novo ozračje i ruho!
Na kraju, molim vas, svakako se potrudite i nabavite "Relentless" The Paul Deslauriers Banda i sami se uvjerite o čemu se ovdje radi. Nećete požaliti! Naime, doista je upečatljiva i neporeciva kemija koju pruža ovaj bend (pjevač i gitarist Paul DesLauriers, basist Greg Morency i bubnjar Sam Harrisson).
Ono što su nam oni isporučili uistinu je prava poslastica za sva osjetila.
Mladen Lončar.
Viene dal Canada questo power trio che prende il nome dal cantante chitarrista della band. In attività dal 2014 si basa sul virtuosismo dei tre componenti (gli altri sono il bassista Greg Morency e il batterista Sam Harrisson) e su un blues rock ad alto ritmo e volume. Al di fuori del Canada ricordiamo un riconoscimento quale il secondo posto su 119 band all’International Blues Challenge a Memphis nel 2016. Relentless è un album pieno di energia con brani che in alcuni casi contengono influenze funky e swamp. Tra le tracce segnaliamo I’m Your Man, Still Under My Skin, Up In The Air e la ballata If I Had You. Ma tutto il disco è godibile e ben realizzato.
Michele Manzotti
September 2016
Two J Blues Poland.
September 2016
Blues News Germany.


May 2014
John Valenteyn-Maple Blues Magazine

Paul DesLauriers Band PDB Big Toe/ Select

The Guitar Player of the Year has been busy: hard on the heels of his acoustic album with a sitar player Anwar Khurshid comes this trio electric blues disc. This is of course his background, having an electric band called Black Cat Bone for several years. The acoustic duo discs with Dawn Tyler Watson were the ones that brought him wider recognition and awards, including another MBA this year. The current trio, with Sam Harrisson on drums (also an MBA nominee this year) and Greg Morency on bass, has just been nominated for no less than five Lys Awards in Quebec. Recorded live off the floor, the disc shows the nominations are indeed earned. “Going Down Slow” is not the standard but a new song on the leaving girlfriend theme. Steve Marriner guests on harp. “She Should Be Mine” is my vote for a single, a slide driven rocker with an attractive melody. Marriner is on harp here too. “All I Want” is a treat: JUNO winner Steve Strongman dropped by to record a song they had written together – a guitar duel between old friends. Robert Johnson’s “Love In Vain” gets a new, lengthy arrangement and an impassioned vocal. DesLauriers’ slide work is truly impressive while Marriner adds some very effective organ underneath. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, which was a highlight of the last album gets a fabulous electric version here. I wouldn’t want to part with either. The chemistry these veterans bring to the studio culminates in the nine-minute closer, Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” has never sounded like this! Extraordinarily inventive guitar playing, powerful vocals and a fantastic rhythm section, how can you go wrong? He has a separate web site for this band, www. 

John Vermilyea
Blues Underground Network
The Paul DesLauriers Band-PDB (Canada)

I don't know what is up with the Canadian Blues and Blues Rock artists and bands this year (2014), but if they are all trying to prove that they can release albums that are equal to and in a fair amount of cases better than a lot of the other International releases, they have certainly won their case, with one of the hottest new releases out being from The Paul DesLauriers Band simply titled "PDB".Consisting of Paul DesLauriers (Guitars/Vocals), Sam Harrisson (Drums), and Greg Morency (Bass), the amazing talent which makes up The Paul DesLauriers Band is certainly no stranger to the Canadian Blues scene, receiving numerous accolades and awards, seemingly on every turn. Most recently Paul DesLauriers was the winner of two Maples Blues Awards for 2014, which included one for Guitarist Of The Year and one shared with Dawn Tyler Watson for Acoustic Act Of The Year. Sam Harrisson has previously won two MBA's for Drummer Of The Year and collectively they have won 10 Quebec Lys Blues Awards. Together this amazingly talented trio has brought out an album that will certainly be on my 2014 Top Ten Canadian Albums List, near or at the very top.
"PDB" consists of 10 Tracks which in total clocks in at a very respectful 57 minutes. Of the 10 Tracks, 7 are originals all written by The Paul DesLauriers Band, with additional co-writing credit going to Alec McElcheran on 4 tracks and Steve Strongman on 1 Track. For the Covers on "PBD", The Paul DesLauriers Band chose 3 really nice ones, which included, "Love In Vain" (Robert Johnson), "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (Willie Dixon), and "Not Fade Away" (Buddy Holly/Norman Petty). For Special Guests on "PBD", we are treated to a couple of real Canadian Music Scene heavyweights, with MonkeyJunk's Steve Marriner and Steve Strongman, both of which are multiple Juno and Maple Blues Awards winner.
For the first 4 songs of "PBD", The Paul DesLauriers Band take no prisoners as they grind out some of the tastiest Blues Rock I have heard this year. Adding to the excitement was Steve Marriner, whom took it to yet another level with his killer Harmonica work on the first 2 Tracks. Rounding out the 4 Tracks was "All I Want" another super Track and one that fans of really fine Guitar playing will love as it featured both Paul DesLauriers and Steve Strongman, whom also co-wrote the song, grinding it out to the max on their axes.
The majority of "PBD" is non-stop Blues Rock at it's very best, but there were several Tracks, that although they were of a slower tempo, they were still as powerful and intense as the rest and those were "Love In Vain", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", and "Baby Come Home". All those Tracks showed us a "softer and more dynamic side" to their music. "Love In Vain", of course, had Rolling Stones written all over it, as that has always been my favorite Cover of that song. That being said, The Paul DesLauriers Band still did a mighty fine job offering up their own unique take on the song.
"Nobody's Fault But Mine", opened with what was described as a "Ten Ton Drum Intro", accompanied shortly after with Paul DesLauriers searing Slide Guitar. That slow melodic and at time hypnotic beat continued throughout the Track until around the 3/4 mark in which all hell breaks loose and the tempo goes way up to follow the Track out. Great Work...
I have heard quite a few great Ballads this year, and "Baby Come Home", is certainly at the top of the list as one of the more powerful ones. Although a fair departure from the rest of the album, I certainly enjoyed that they included it. This beauty certainly sealed the deal concerning just how strong Paul DesLauriers vocals are, especially when he stretches them out near the end of the song, followed not long after with some super awesome Guitar work.
"PDB" closes out the set with a nice long cover of "Not Fade Away", which around the 1:30 marks goes all instrumental as The Paul DesLauriers Band serves it up unlike anything I or anyone has probably heard in awhile. That particular jaw dropping section lasted around 5 minutes and 30 seconds, before the Vocals started up again to take the song to completion. What a wonderfully done song and what a wonderful tribute to Buddy Holly, whom I am sure would of been amazed.
Simply put "PDB" is an absolute winner, showcasing the cream of the crop of Canadian Blues/Blues Rock talent. It is an album that just Kicks Butt and will certainly be considered by many, including myself as one of the best of 2014.
5***** for "PDB"... Just Plain Awesome...  
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
28 mars 2014

Une entrevue avec Paul sur

Paul DesLauriers Band : un album à trois pour le meilleur… et le meilleur!

Le 18 mars dernier, Paul DesLauriers, l’un des plus grands guitaristes de blues de la scène actuelle, a lancé son nouvel album accompagné de ses deux acolytes, Grégoire Morency (basse) et Sam Harrison (batterie). Le résultat est à l’image du mode de création: hallucinant! Avec un blues aux saveurs de rock, le trio nous propose un album pas comme les autres. C’est avec un bonheur non dissimulé que Paul DesLauriers m’en a parlé.

2014 est une belle année pour Paul DesLauriers. En plus d’être le lauréat 2014 de deux Maple Blues Award, dont celui de guitariste de l’année, il a réalisé l’un de ses rêves, soit de faire un album presque « en live ». « Moi je crois que nous sommes la somme de toutes nos influences », me dit-il. « Et avec Grégoire et Sam, nos influences, c’est le blues et le rock dans années 60 et 70. Alors, on rêvait de s’offrir un album qui sonne comme ça ».

Pour y parvenir, les trois artistes sont arrivés avec quelques chansons prêtes en studio, mais surtout leur inspiration. « On s’est laissé aller et les chansons se sont créées presque d’elles-mêmes », précise-t-il avec un naturel qui en est déconcertant. « Nous avons beaucoup aimé créer à trois parce que cela nous a semblé facile et que nous considérons que le produit final reflète non seulement le processus, mais aussi ce que nous proposons lorsque nous sommes ensemble en spectacle ».

Paul DesLauriers est donc heureux de cet album. « Je suis vraiment content de l’énergie qui s’en dégage en fait. On a réussi à capter la chimie musicale qui nous unit et cela donne quelque chose d’exceptionnel! » C’est également l’avis des personnes qui ont écouté l’album depuis les deux dernières semaines. « Nous sommes très heureux de voir la réaction positive des gens. On constate qu’il y a un public pour le blues et que, même sans être des spécialistes, les gens apprécient ce retour aux sources, mais dans une approche moderne. Je pense sincèrement que l’on comble vide sur la scène musicale actuelle ». Je ne vous dirai pas le contraire…

L’album rassemble dix titres dont sept originaux. Chacun d’entre eux nous emporte dans un univers musical de blues complet, parsemé de touches de rock authentique. « On voulait que ce soit naturel et presque rudimentaire », souligne Paul DesLauriers. Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que c’est réussi!

Au cours des prochaines semaines, le trio se baladera au Québec et en Ontario pour lancer l’album. « Et ensuite, même si on ne peut pas le confirmer officiellement, on devrait être dans pas mal de festivals au cours de l’été ». Pour le savoir, une seule chose à faire, consulter le :

Entrevue réalisée par : Christelle Lison
March  28th 2014

The Paul Deslauriers Band on


21 mars 2014

Critique de Sylvain Ménard à l'émission Puisqu'il faut se lever de Paul Arcand au 98.5 FM.